Developers On igamemod

Developers on igamemod


If you are a mod and/or game developer, we offer several options for you to gain benefits via your mod(s). First, you need to subscribe as a developer by following this link and create a developer profile for yourself. Once we confirm you, you’ll be able to post your mod or game so millions of gamers will access it. You’ll get the chance to create an income for yourself if your mod or game hits the top of GameMods.Com top list. We’ll have several contests throughout the year with monetary prizes.


You can also earn your commission via your mod via our subscribed gamers zone, so each time a game is being played via your mod, you’ll get a commission. For details and commission rates please follow this link.


Moreover, developers will be able to take a share of the ads revenue of igamemod. We will offer commissions up to 50% through the ads displayed on the pages where mods are published.


We also plan to share the revenue we will obtain through the paid membership feature. Developers will be able to receive a share for each mod they list on the paid membership section.


In addition to these, we will offer features such as the mod sales. The revenue of the mod sales will be distributed among the developers too.


If you are a develop and want to publish your own mod then you can head to our Submit a Mod page and learn the details you need to know.


You can also submit the games you have developed on our website. If you need further information about how to submit your own game, please head to Submit a Game page to learn all of the details you will need.