About Wormate.io

Wormate.io is one of the other games which has the same structure and gameplay with slither.io. However when you play wormate.io, you will see that it is much more fun and colorful when compared to the legendary game, slither.io.

In this game, you will be controlling a worm. Your goal is to have the highest score among other players on the map. In order to do this, you can either collect the candies located on the map. Or eliminate other players in order to collect their scores. There are various wormate.io mods on the internet. They all offer you various features. In this article, we will provide you detailed information about the basics of the game. We have already offered the unblocked wormate.io game to you on our page. Therefore, you do not have to download mod in order to have an access to all wormate.io hacks.

It is a quite great game in order to spend your free times and whenever you will lose the game by hitting to any other player with your head, you can start from the beginning without any penalty such as waiting for some to respawn. Below, you can find some valuable information which can help to newbie players but please note that the most important thing in this game is to develop your own strategy.

How to Play?

You control your worm with your mouse and it is possible to speed up by clicking and holding the left button of your mouse. You can also use the spacebar to speed up.

Tips and Tricks

Wormate.io is a game which progresses slowly at the beginning of the game. In case you do not want to lose and be bait to other players, then it will be good for you to collect the candies on the map. Once you will reach the enough size, then follow other players. Let them hit you with their head in order to eliminate them.

It will be logical to stay at the corners of the map when you start the game. As you will grow up, you can start hanging around the middle of the map in order to hunt down other opponents. When you will have enough length, try to draw a circle around your opponents. And cage them with your body. Then keep turning around yourself while narrowing the space in your circle to be sure that other players will hit you. And leave their score in your secured area. In this way, you can collect the scores by preventing other players to collect them.

Keep in mind that a greater worm can apply the same strategy to you while you are applying to another one. This is why always open your eyes to possible dangers if you want to rank number one on the scoreboard.

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