About Zombs.io

Zombs.io is a great io game which is the combination of Minecraft and Zombie tower defense.

In case you like the io games then you will really love zombs.io. In this game, you are a character with an axe. You will use your axe to hit sources and gather them. The more sources you will collect, the more buildings you can build in your village.

Once you start to build your village and get ready, there will be waves of zombies. These zombies will spawn at nights and attack your village. Like most of the io games, your goal is to earn as much as score you can. In order to do this, you have to survive at nights. The score you will earn will increase gradually while the power of the zombies will increase as well. Unlike most of the io games, you can create a party in private servers.

This means that you can play with your friends and help each other to build a great village that will stand the attack of the zombies. On the right sidebar, you can see the list of mods and download mods in order to play zombs.io with various hacks. These unblocked servers will provide new features which are not originally included in the original game. If you are looking for a great game to spend some good time then you must give a try to this game. We bet, you are going to love this great game and be addicted to it easily.

How to Play?

You can use your arrow keys to provide direction to your character. You need to use the left click to swing your axe and gather sources. In addition to this, you will have to use the numbers on your keyboard to choose items.

Tips and Tricks

Try to place the gold bash when you are ready because this will set your base and zombies will start to come in waves. Do not place it in case you feel that you are not ready for any attack yet. Gold is very important in this game. You can upgrade your towers thanks to your gold. This is why try to increase your gold income as soon as possible.

You need to protect your buildings and sources. This is why try to build as much as turrets as you can. These are the great defensive building which can protect your village. The more you survive at nights, the more score you will earn.

Keep in mind that zombies spawn during the night and therefore get ready for any possible dangers during the night. In case you will play with your friends you should know that zombies will spawn more!

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