About Gunbox.io

Gunbox.io is a game where you will try to kill your opponents with your weapon and build blocks on the map.

Those who like mixed games can play Gunbox.io in their free times. This game is the combination of shooting and building games. You can earn experience from anything you do. Each time you level up, you will earn a point to spend. In this way, you can improve your character.

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How to Play?

You need to move with WASD keys. In addition to this, players can shoot with the left click of their mouse. Moreover, you can swap your weapons and skills with 1, 2, 3, and 4 keys.

Tips and Tricks

This may look like a shooting game however you are going to earn experience for anything you do. In addition to this, you can also build blocks in order to prepare yourself a castle. Your goal is to eliminate the other players on the map and this is not that much easy as it sounds.

You can find different weapons on the map. All you need to do is walk over them in order to get that gun. But keep in mind that you cannot store more than one gun. This is why you will lose your current gun when you equip another. Each gun has limited ammo as well.

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